Ceramica Paint Protection

The ultimate all year round protection for your car


Full Paint Protection Service $700


Full Detail & Paint Protection $850

Double up with a Full Detail with Paint Protection and save between $70 and $170



 Information about the Ceramica Product that we use.

Ceramica is used for aircraft, marine vessels and all types of land vehicles. Ceramica has the following properties and economical advantages:

  • Bright, water clear film with high adhesion to substrates.
  • Enhances color and depth of gloss.
  • Very hard, durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Chemically resistant to fuels and lubricants.
  • Outstanding weather resistance tested by both artificial weather machines and actual exposure.
  • Films continue to provide protection after several years of observation.
  • Ceramica has been formulated to create a nonstick surface that reduces adhesion of insects, dirt and debris.
  • Greatly reduces chalking and degradation from ultraviolet light and atmospheric oxygen as well as air and rain borne pollutants.
  • Prevents wear and tear on paint and expensive decals.

These resins are used worldwide to prevent adhesion in the construction of military and commercial aircraft as well as many vehicles used for the space program.

Our suppliers technical team developed the engineering techniques for the production and utilization of these resins. After many years of additional research and development,they have made them economical and easy to use for the protection of vehicles against wear and weather.